Green for Life

Green for Life is a great tool for starting down the road to eco-enlightenment. Chapters like How to Clean your Kitchen, How to Buy a Car, How to Make Dinner, How to Take a Shower, How to Have a Baby, etc… walk us through some easy eco-friendly approaches to the familiar routines of modern life.

Full of simple, informative tricks and tips, Green For Life is proof that living green is not only manageable and affordable… it’s the new normal.

‘Green for Life’ is a helpful guide that helps you see the very simple things you can do in every part of your every day, that will positively impact our future. We must all play our part and take action. So read it, and start making decisions today that embed sustainable ways of living. Our children and our planet will be eternally grateful.”
—Sir Richard Branson

“This is a great resource. Every household should have one. ”
—Sarah Harmer

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